I have read one day the story of an aboriginal legend according to which, each ancestor leaves behind him a sinuous path full of songs and spirit-children. When a person walks along the trail of his ancestor, it brings back the songs and stories of the earth. And if a child is born from the journey, he becomes the child of these songs.

    I went to Tunisia and Algeria to collect songs and popular stories of the Revolution of Independence, on the trail of a family memory and the vinyl record of the Italian anarchist group Cantacronache "Canti della Rivoluzione algerina".

    Film Kodak TRI-X, Kodak Vision 50T, HDV, Telecinema HD.
    Duration: 58'53

    In the collections of the Centre National des Arts Plastiques (France).

    Official selection: FID Marseille 2019; Journées Cinématographiques de Carthage 2019; Les Inattendus 2020; Rencontres du film des résistances 2019.

    Other screenings : Ciné-Club PSL/Filmer le champ social - cinéma Espace Saint-Michel (Paris); Cinemadart (Tunis); Cinéma Occupé La Clef Revival (Paris); Cycle "Gai Savoir" / CNAP - Silencio (Paris); Lux Valence Scène Nationale; Cinémathèque de Saint-Etienne; Cinémathèque de Grenoble.

    To see the movie: derives.tv