• ST#3

    "Small histories, the ones that people in flesh and bones live, are almost always the denial of official history that ignores them. And yet, their tales are the most significant incarnation of that history, the metaphor that contains its meaning and reveals its resistant and partisan mark. It is the only tale that can restore the understanding of the events that matters in each and everyone's life." (Barbara Balzerani)

    In front of a weaving loom, ordinary images and tales resist and uncoil like a taut and delicate thread.
    With the support of Saint-Etienne Film Library and the association Vive la Tase (Vaux-en-Velin).

    Official selection: Festival Detour on the road, Rome, December 2014 ; Exhibition "Frontières, Zacharie Gaudrillot Roy, Aude Fourel, Eva Ramfel", Maison des Arts Plastiques in Champigny sur Marne, (December 2014 – February 2015).

    Film Kodak TRI-X, Telecinema HD, Archive movies.
    Duration : 4'30

    To see the movie: derives.tv