• ST#2

    Performance of a projection made in May 2012.
    Projection of a tailing situation shot in super 8 film in the streets of Rome in September 2011.
    Super 8 film KODAK TRI-X.
    Soundtrack extracted from Mamma Roma directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini.
    To invert the “face to back” of a tailing situation. Body-image, body-camera, body-screen. Wandering walks without a face. Night walk, Anna Magnani facing the camera, the voice of an obvious face.

    Official selection: Festival Darkroom Project (Italy), Festival Pontino Short Film (Italy), Festival Molise Cinema (Italy), International Festival of Contemporary Art Jeune Création 2013 (Paris, France), Festival Traverse Vidéo (Toulouse, France).

    Duration: 2’43

    To see the movie: derives.tv