(The fall)

    In his collection of writings on art, Autoportrait au visage absent, thus entitled in reference to Ernst Mach drawing Self-portrait without a mirror, Jean Clair writes:
    “This self-portrait with no head, this acephalous portrait, is the most common immediate self-experience that we could imagine, since it is the image of us that we have at any moment. (…) This “unsaveable”, scattered, vanished representation of myself, how can I apprehend it? We do not hear ourselves talk, we do not see ourselves walk. Can we see ourselves seeing ourselves?”
    (Jean Clair, Autoportrait au visage absent, Gallimard, 2008)

    5 photographs (30x40cm) printed on Arches watercolours paper with Rollei light-sensitive emulsion.

    Edition of artists postcards for the project Swiss Chalet during the Saint-Etienne International Design Biennial, 2013.