(At the end of a desire journey)

    “The left (foot) was already ahead and the right one, about to follow, was hardly touching he ground by the tip of the toes while the sole and the heel were almost standing vertically. This movement provoked a double sensation: the light ease of the woman walking at a high pace, and at the same time, the assured appearance of a mind at rest. Her particular grace originated from this way of gliding above the ground while trampling over it. Where did she go like this and where was she going?” (Gradiva, a Pompeiian fancy, W. Jensen, 1903)

    This set originates from the crossed reading of Gradiva from Jensen, Feuilles de montage pour une Gradiva cinématographique from Raymonde Carasco and Trisha Brown's notes on the weight and the state of falling. Through the repetition of a sequenced, instantaneous and invented time, I have looked for the vertical crossing of the plan and the suspended movement: line-movement, gesture-object.
    “Every step is a disrupted fall. The most important thing is to protect this state of falling, not by physics principles, but according to a self-awareness experience that brings the body weight into a source of thoughts. The movement then arises as at the ridge of a dream, a slow motion.” (Trisha Brown, Danse, précis de liberté, Editions RMN/Musées de Marseille, 1998)

    3 Polaroids, cibachrome printing.